Human Resources Policy

Net Yapı Human Resources policy depends on the fact that “our personnel is the most valuable asset of our company”. The ultimate aim of the Human Resources applications is to create team work understanding and give professional support and education in order to have beter equipped and more productive personnel.


Right person for the right position constitutes the basic philosophy of our employment policy. Every application is evaluated on the basis of personal appropriateness and strictly confidential.

Performace and Career Management

The aim of performance assessment at Net Yapı is to evaluate the performance of the personnel multilaterally, get workable feedback and put forward the team performance as much as the personal performance. We try to catch every possibility of development from point of view of the employer, emplyee and the company itself. The employees can seek various positions in the company according to their tendencies, experiences and career targets.


The main target of the training is to bring up a company culture that gives great importance to productivity, creates successful human relations culture and that makes the emplyees a part of this culture.