General Information

XGrid offers a complete range of geogrids, available in different types and strengths, capable of addressing any soil reinforcement issue.
XGrid geogrids have been developed by TeMa in consultation with reliable, experienced manufacturers specially ed from among the best in the global market.
These partnerships, based on a shared dedication to the highest quality and service, guarantee customers the best products supported by technical expertise and driven by a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.
By offering project support and the right product TeMa delivers fast, effective solutions for any soil reinforcement problem, ranging from the stabilisation of slopes with reinforced earth support, to reinforcing road surfaces and bases as well as road and rail embankments.

Xgrid PET : Woven polyester geogrids with a protective coating, recommended for reinforced soil work
Xgrid PVA : Woven polyvinyl alcohol geogrids with a protective coating featuring high tenacity, low stretch rate and high resistance to chemicals