General Information


TS – Seperation & Filtration Nonwovens

TenCate Polyfelt TS geotextiles are mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwovens made from 100% UV stabilized polypropylene. They have been used for decades as separation and filtration elements in a large number of civil engineering applications.

TS- geotextiles stabilise base courses over subgrades with low bearing capacity

TS- geotextiles ensure the uniform thickness of the base course by preventing the ingress of fill material into the fine-grained subgrade. Installation damage is prevented by the outstanding puncture resistance. The high tensile strength of TS in longitudinal, transverse and diagonal direction provides additional stability to the structure. 


TS- geotextiles maintain the permanent function of drainage systems

TS- geotextiles offer excellent filtration properties, characterized by high water permeability and optimum soil-retention capability, even under high mechanic and hydraulic stress. This ensures that the drainage gravel keeps its water flow capacity, thus providing quick and efficient drainage of the soil.

TS- geotextiles are robust and long-lasting

The manufacturing method (a continuous process with endless filaments) guarantees the use of high-quality raw materials. TS is resistant to all chemical and biological media usually occuring in soils and construction materials. It cannot be dissolved by water and therefore is harmless to ground water. 

TS- geotextiles are equipped with a UV-stabilizer, providing extended resistance to direct sunlight. 


Service is a part of quality 

Thanks to a worldwide network of subsidiaries and trading partners TS- geotextiles are quickly available. Standard grades can be delivered promptly. For technical questions an experienced team of experts is at your service.