General Information

Every time we design or construct a building we have to bear in mind how the new building will interact with the soil and what possible consequences this may entail.The presence or water inside the soil is the most frquuent and indeed the most important problem,which needs to be tackled in order to avoid further problems during and after building works.Correct water drainage and suitable waterproofing help prevent structural problems and help extend the life of buildings and improve their conditions of use.

Today,thanks to modern production tecnologies,we can abandon traditional drainage systems that use aggregate,which is an increasingly rare and precious material,and use modern draining geo-compounds instead.

Leader of its category of products in terms of performance and reliability,Qdrain is a comprehensive range of draining geo-compound products specifically developed and produced by TeMa to meet even the most specific and demanding requirements.

Draining geo-composite consisting of a core distinguished by a high void ratio and obtained from extruded synthetic monofilaments tangled and welded where they cross,heat bonded on the entire surface to one or two geosynthetics,usually of nonwoven geotextile.

The geosynthetics filter the water in order to prevent soil particles from clogging the internal draining layer and convey the thus collected water,keeping the product flexible and adaptable to all types of surfaces.