General Information


Ideal for the creation of an outdoor living space. This garden roof system utilises basic plant types,
which require more maintenance than the extensive roof. This system is a semi intensive type of green roof,
generall covered with grasses perennials and shrubs, offering different finishes and uses. In addition to the
usual ecologically benefits this type of construction has the added value of providing additional valuable space
for recreational use.


This type of installation is recommended where there is the desire to create a pleasant enviroment that can be used by those working or living at the location.


• Suitable for every day use
• Property value increases
• Better use made of available space
• Wide range of designs are possible
•Relatively low investment cost
• Technically sound
• Improved thermal efficiency
• Enhanced enviromental benefits
• Good rainwater retention
• Installation is more economical than that of a fully landscaped roof garden.
• Ideal for an inverted roof construction as it provides the advantage of additional roof membrane protection.