General Information


Maxidrain Intensive System is an intensive green roof system, which may include an irrigation system. Opens up practically all the possibilities of normal ground-level gardening.
This is an intensive roof garden, comparable with a ground level natural garden in that its design and planting are similar.
By use of a sophisticated yet simple water management system it is possible to plant and grow more demanding vegetation,even trees.
This system is ideal, where a suitable strong load bearing structure is available.
This is used in circumstances, where substantial planting is realised by the use of heavy mechanical plant and equipment during construction.
This is an elaborate, park-like intensive roof garden at ground level. To provide, park-like recreational areas at ground level.


Maxidrain Intensive System  is ideal, where a suitable strong load bearing structure is available, and also suitable for ground level structures such as underground car parks.

• Suitable for every day use.
• Property value increases.
• Best use made of available space.
• Wide range of designs are possible.
• Technically sound.
• Improved thermal efficiency.
• Excellent enviromental benefits.
• Better rainwater retention.