General Information

Maxidrain 25mm perforated green roof drainage boards

Maxidrain 25 mm is high drainage/reservoir boards for extensive roof gardens. The Maxidrain a water drainage and reservoir board made from heavy duty polystyrene. The surface is shaped on both sides and perforated on the top. The primary function of flat roof drainage/reservoir boards is to drain the excess of sudden torrents into the drainage system. A secondary function is to allow air to access the roots. Finally, while having good water retaining and load bearing qualities, to supply water to plants by diffusion in the dry periods.

• Simple and quick installation
• Low structural weight
• Excellent load bearing capacity
• Increased water-draining and venting capacity
• Good stability in retaining its form
• Economical storage and transport
• Continuous aeration
• Extends the lifespan of green roofs

Installation instructions

When not using them on an inverted roof, the boards should be laid on a protection fleece. No overlap is needed. Above the position of drain pipes the board should be cut away to enable inspection. It is necessary to weigh down the boards if roof installation is made in stages.