Product Details

High water retention

As the drainage flow rates from the roof are reduced (horizontal drainage over MAXISTUD 20 F) the dimension of gutter pipes, outlets and sewers can also be reduced. This, in turn, enables to minimise building costs. Furthermore, any overloading of the water drainage system is successfully prevented. 

Successful reduction of dust and smog levels

Particles of smog and dust contained in the air settle on the green roof and from there to the ground when it rains. MAXISTUD 20 F helps reducing the concentration of dust and smog in the air.

Noise reduction

Green roofs absorb the noise coming from airplanes, cars, etc. This has positive impact on the owners of the green roof (the noise level inside the house is reduced by 8 db.) as well as for their neighbours. (the reflected sound is reduced by 3 db.)

Thermal Insulation

Green roofs contribute to maintain your home cool in summer and warm in winter. A 20/30 cm high green roof can reduce the outgoing heat by 65%. During summer the advantages of a green roof are maximised, because the green roof retains water for the plants and vegetation, which in turn cool and shade the deck. This features allow significant savings on heating and cooling energy expenses.

Efficient protection from UV rays
MAXISTUD protects the waterproofing membrane from UV rays. As a consequence, a longer life of the waterproofing membrane and therefore of the roof is expected. Furthermore you are not obliged to use a high quality membrane (-30 C) but a cheaper one (-5 C) can offer the same results.

Protection from sudden temperature changes

On conventional roofs the temperature difference between summer and winter is approx. 110 C. On green roofs the temperature difference is reduced to 30 C. This contributes to extend the life of the bituminous membranes.

Protection from mechanical stress

Vegetation plays an aesthetical as well as functional role ; for example , it successfully protects the bituminous membrane from the effects of hail.

Less risks of infiltrations

The reduction of any hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing membranes dramatically minimises the risks of water infiltration. There is also a reduction of the weight on the roof.

Improved quality of life

The green roof is a small “green lung” that has beneficial effects on the area where you live.

A house within a natural environment

Green roofs create pleasant microclimates where tol ive.

Increased value of buildings

Builded areas are expensive! The roof can be easily used as a living space. This enables to make a better  use of the builded space without spending a lot of Money in order to buy additional land.

Water resources savings

Water retention enables to make an optimal use of water resources which would otherwise be wasted. This is very important particularly nowadays.