Maxidrain Extensive Green Roof Systems

Maxidrain Semi Intensive Green Roof Systems

Maxidrain Intensive Green Roof Systems

Economic Advantages

Environmental Advantages

 A Green Roof gives instant increase to the value of a property without increasing its size. Adding a green area improves living and working surroundings.

A new and friendly environment is created for people, plants and animals to lessen the impact of todays concrete jungles. In no time at all plants start to colonise the roof, and birds, butterfies and other insects appear.

A reduction is possible on drain diameter and sewage charges because much of the rainwater is recycled into the irrigation system of a GreenRoof.

Green Roofs retain and recycle water and so free the sewage system from overloading. It is a balanced way of water management.

The excellent insulating properties of a Green Roof keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer, cutting heating and air conditioning costs.

The air contains more moisture and is healthier to breathe. Temperature extremes are reduced, and so are the urban hot spots.

 Noise and particle pollution is cut. The building stucture and its conventional insulation gains a longer life span.

Many pollutants are absorbed by a Green Roof, making the air safer to breathe. Even light pollution is reduced to some degree.

A green roof indicates the building owners concern forthe environment.

The photosynthesis of plants is the most efficient method known to man to utilise solar energy to best advantage.