Product Details

                                Advantages of Geocell

 • Significant   growth   of    the    load-bearing   capacity   after   installation.  • Significant   reduction   of   tension   by   overloading   on   the  ground   level.
 • Higher   parameters   of   strength   and   deformation   of   the  pit  base.
 • Exclusion  of  excess  values  of  differential   settlement.
 • Decrease  of   the  depth  compared   to  a   standard structure  built   from  crushed  gravel.
 • Heavy  machinery  may   travel  on   the   finished   layer immediately,   independent  of  weather  conditions.
 • Speed  of  placing:  800  –  1000  m   /  1  working  group  (4  workers)   /  1  day.
 • Manual  placing  without  using  machinery. • Possibility  to  use  the  original  refuse  excavated  from  the   site. 


 Maintenance of  slopes affected by  surface erosion

Highway    in   mountainous terrain   meeting   criteria   of   a   modern   capacity highway,   especially regarding   transport   security   and   ecology.
The   highway   construction   is   considered   as   a special   architectural   achievement.    
Geocell cellular confinement system is reliably used in highways and where there is erosion risk.


                                     Stream channels, ditches, retention tanks

      Another application fields for Geocell are stream channels, ditches and retention tanks.

                                                                                                      Vegetation roofs

A Green Roof gives instant increase to the value of a property without increasing its size.
Adding a green area improves living and working surroundings.
A new and friendly environment is created forpeople, plants and animals to lessen the impact of todays concrete jungles.
In no time at all plants start to colonise the roof, and birds, butterfies and other insects appear.