General Information


Geocell (cellular   confinement   system)  is   a   system   of   smooth, surface-patterned   (textured)    or    perforated   PE–HD   strips   (50,   75,   100,   150,   200,   250   mm   in   depth)   connected  in  a series  with  collateral  root  penetrations  vertical   to   the   longitudinal   axis. After   dilatation   and   stabilization,   the   connected   strips   form   walls   of spatial   flexible   cells.   Subsequently,   these   cells   are   filled  with   filling  material (chosen  according   to   the  purpose  of  use   and   surface   load):   sand,   gravel,   earth,crushed   stone,  concrete, refuse  excavated  from  the  construction  site,  etc.

- Subbase confinement foundations of  industrial and  residential buildings     foundations of civil  structures –highways,  roadbed.
- Stabilization of  slopes affected by  surface erosion.
- Stabilization of  stream channels and ditches.
- Construction of  retaining walls.
- Green roofs

A  floor's  foundation  is crucial  for  its quality and durability.  Improper technicalparameters of the base construction can  lead to serious problems, such as excess
settlement, differential settlement or a shifting of  levels which will lead to a permanent  floor  failure.  
The  repairs or  replacement of damaged  floors can  incur considerable extra costs.
BENDA  TRADE specializes   in  dealing  with   floor   foundation  problems  and  has   developed  
an   advanced   floor foundation   method,   called   WEBFLOOR,   designed   for   standard  geological  environments,  as  well  as  difficult geotechnical   foundation  conditions. The  effectiveness  of  this  method  has  been  verified  through  many  simulation  tests  modeling  extreme geotechnical  conditions  based  on  real  constructions,  in  the  PLAXIS  software  environment.  When  applied in   the   field,   the   results  have  always  met  with   the   same   success.